POPS (Premier Office Poster Services) are the leaders in POST OFFICE POSTER advertising throughout the UK. Our A3 colour posters are professionally produced in our own studios, laminated and framed in anodised aluminum frames which are subsequently fitted at our advertising sites facing the queueing public.

The POPS Media Group also consists of South Coast Publicity Limited and Point Of Sale Poster Site Company.

Pops media group

We are founder members of the Advertising Contractors Alliance and all the companies within the Alliance, namely POPS, POS & SCP work together to ensure you reach your audience. POPS has been established more than 30 years. Customers are mainly local trade and business people from all professions, and walks of life. Our clients’ businesses range from local and regional to extensive national organisations.
Our Customers
…are a captive audience, returning again and again. Pops Advertising, therefore, is an ideal way to get your business message across to a wide range of potential customers through repeated exposure.
Our Strengths
The main strength of our business is our low cost poster campaigns and the permanent nature of their display having a captive audience in places of “credibility”. POPS Poster Advertising represents terrific value from under 80p per day for a 12 month on display contract.