Why Is Paid Search Critical For Local Businesses?

If you’re a local business wanting to start with paid search, you might have a few doubts. Is paid search for you? Where do you even begin?

So let’s explore the basics.

Why choose paid search? Well, Google and Bing are the largest search engines on the Internet, and to use the Internet as a profit-making source, you need to be seen on Google.

What is paid search?

Also known as PPC or Pay Per Click, the act of paying for adverts on Google makes your job of marketing your local business a lot easier by bringing huge amounts of traffic through people who are searching using keywords. Keywords are simply the search terms or mix of search terms that when put in the search box show results relevant to that search. That means that someone searching for “Advertising Agency Berkshire” will get, say, 1000 search results in the search engine, and the person running the search can click on any of the items to view the results and details. However, the top search results that come through Google AdWords have greater chances of visits as they are higher up, and easier to click.

You also get the option of having your ads appearing in relevant Web sites – all with the aim of bringing on relevant clicks and visits to your local business website.

  1. Is Paid Search Expensive?

The best part of paid search is that comes with a small initial investment. You need to pay only a small amount to create an account using POPS, and we ensure that your business bids on the best keywords. With each click, a certain amount is billed and if no click happens, no amount is billed. You can speak to POPS about your budget and we do all the rest.

The systems we use are highly intuitive, so there is the option that if a keyword performs well, an increased bid can be made for even better results. And a keyword that does not perform well and does not bring any profit to the site can be removed from the campaign. Also, keywords that bring more clicks but less conversion can be removed or we can set a reduced amount.

There are some nifty tools we can use to get the best people to your site. For example, Google AdWords offers location targeting for display ads, which will enable those particular ads to display exclusively to a particular location. You can choose whether you want to reach browsers at local, national, or even an international level. You could add in copy that makes your ad stand out – such as ‘Looking for Advertising in Berkshire?’ Anyone who was would surely be struck by the personalisation!
The ability to focus on a targeted geographical audience with focused goals is something marketers dream of – and it’s so easy to get started.

  1. What does Paid Search give back?

Return on Investment (ROI) is based on clicks, people coming to your site. However, because they have searched for exactly what you offer, there is a much greater chance of them converting into business. With paid search ads, you control what the ‘bite’ is. That means just like with a print advert, you can say what your headline and call to action is. There are some rules about what you can do here – but POPS can guide you through.

This means that clicks are in your control! With a POPS expert behind you, we can ensure your campaign is tweaked and tested until you have the perfect copy and page to bring effective traffic to your online business.

One of the really smart parts is that with paid search, a POPS expert can test different types of ads for different keywords. If a certain ad campaign fails, we will start again but with a different title line and description. We can also feed this information back to you – so as well as getting great results from search, you can also test marketing campaigns before you run a print advert, over and over – without paying anything extra.

  1. When does it start working?

Unlike many marketing tactics which can take months, paid search can drive visits almost straight away! There are lots of other factors we can guide you through, such as on-page optimization, but at the heart of paid search is the fact that you are able to showcase relevant ads in relevant sites and also at the top of search pages, which increases the chances of clicks and visits, which later convert to business. It’s that simple!

Are you ready to get started with POPS advertising and some paid search? Speak to an expert at POPS today!

Weird Advertising Facts

Here at POPS we love advertising, but it’s a weird and wonderful world! We wanted to compile a few facts from advertising that might make you ponder! If you’re not ready to give up your day job, let us do the hard work. We can design you a website, help you start a paid search campaign or advertise your business at train stations and supermarkets! Get in touch to find out more!

  1. Did you know that the average pharmaceutical company will spend more on advertising than they will on actual research – up to twice as much more? This is a huge business, especially outside of the UK.
  2. There is a phrase in TV land called the TV Pick Up. This describes the term when people use the advert break to go make a cuppa. Can you guess when the biggest pick up was? You might have been glued to your seat but it was, according to the BBC, on July 4, 1990, as England and West Germany were getting ready to shoot penalties in the FIFA World Cup semi-final.
  3. Recent stats show that adults over the age of 15 spend 2.8 hours in front of TV every day. The “Advertising and Audiences” report by Nielsen also states that roughly one-quarter of programming is advertising. That’s almost 70 minutes of ads per day, per person! Imagine how many ads you have already seen today?
  4. It is said that back in 1982, Mars rejected an offer for the inclusion of M&M’s in the upcoming movie ET. the Extra-Terrestrial. Instead, the American chocolate brand Hershey took the chance and they showed Reese’s Pieces and according to countless reports, saw its product’s sales jump by as much as 300% – proof that advertising works – however subtle!
  5. It might seem like a daily occurrence for your inbox to be rather full, but it has been suggested that the first email spam was sent out in 1994 by the law firm, Canter & Siegel.
  6. Another stat shows that by the time we reach age 65, we will have seen approximately 2 million TV commercials. That number could be much higher if we take into account social media advertising, billboards – adverts in train stations and supermarkets – there are so many places to be seen!
  7. It was way back in 1922 that the first radio spot was offered at a very reasonable price of $100 for a whopping 10 minutes of commercial! Today, you’ll have better success with paid search.
  8. It’s true that we have the world at our fingertips – and people are searching for things every day. In fact, the Google Chairman, Eric Schmidt stated (as of 2010) “Every two days we create as much information as we did from the dawn of civilization up until 2003.”
  9. In 2013, marketers spent $8.5 billion on mobile advertising, double the amount spent in 2012. By 2017, researchers project that that figure will quadruple to $31.1 billion and it is well on it’s way.


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Were you surprised by some of the facts? We are always interested in how advertising is progressing, but what interests us more is helping your business grow! We would love to speak to you about paid search, train station or supermarket advertising, or even creating a business website for you. Get in touch with us today!


The 5 Advertising Tips You Need

Whether you are running a Google advertising campaign or running a train station advert, the principles of advertising are very similar!

(Of course, if you want your local business to be found online you’ll want to use keywords like ‘local agency Berkshire‘ or ‘local business in Berkshire’ – something that won’t work on a poster!) However, the concepts – how you speak to people, where you place the advert and how it looks are all very similar. Here are our best tips.

  1. One of the keys to all advertising campaigns is to accentuate the pros of your company or local business, mentioning all those factors that give you your competitive edge. Too many ads are clever but fail to sell the specific benefits of the featured product or service (consider perfume adverts as an example!)  Unless you highlight these benefits, your ad delivers no value to potential customers which is a real shame.
  2. You can recognize big brand logos as soon as you see them and packaging, logos and colours are so key. Don’t stop using your unique colour palette and ensure that you have consistency. Even if you want an easter advertising campaign, you might use hints of ‘new colours’ but your font and overall ‘look’ should tie in to your existing branding. 
  3. Don’t think that everyone is the same! Your preferred radio station or TV show might not be the best place to attract your audience. This is where it is key to ensure you have done some research about your target market to understand who they are and determine what they read, watch, and listen to. This is why we think post office advertising is so successful – take a look at how!
  4. Don’t get stuck doing the same things. If you want to widen your pool, you might want to go out of your comfort zone. It is all too common for business owners to choose the best place to advertise based on price and potential rate of returns, and then stop. You should look to select a variety of suitable media for your audience and budget and experiment. For example. POPS (Premier Office Poster Services) now offer an online advertising service that puts you on in front of millions of potential new customers searching for products or services that they require. That’s right… the products or services that your business offers are being looked for daily and if you have a website, we can get you a slice of the action!
  5. You can’t be liked by everyone. As you grandma probably said – you can’t be everyone’s cup of tea and sadly no product or service will appeal to everyone. Many business owners try to come up with ways to reach every market. Typically, this does not work. Try and find your niche and market to them as much as possible instead!

We hope you enjoyed our look at some advertising hints and tips. Did you know that if you don’t have a website, we can help get one together for you from as little as £600+VAT? This is an incredible deal – is there anyone you know who needs a website? The success of a site is not to be missed and this can be an ideal way to harness new customers! Speak to us today to get a quote and to speak in more detail. 

Local Business Advertising…..What Works?

If you’re looking for the best way to do some local business advertising – you might be wondering – what works? If you are a small business looking for advertising power – we can help. You want to get your business on the map – but you don’t want to pay over the odds. POPS advertising offers local businesses the chance to advertise with national brands, across a range of post offices and supermarkets in the UK as well as digital advertising. We’re an agency in Marlow, but we serve all over the UK.

How Can Small Businesses Advertise Cheaply?

If you have a small business budget but want to advertise, think local, not cheap! For examples – although our range of post office adverts are cheap, the real benefits are in the quality and reach. For example you may not know that:

• 33% of queuing people have children

• 96% have privately owned vehicles

• 43% are grandparents!

These wide ranging demographics are extremely hard to capture anywhere else which is why we recommend post office advertising, supermarket adverts or train station advertising. You might be sharing a board with some huge national brands – imagine trying to get the same coverage in a slot during the 9pm TV adverts – this would be far to expensive for any small business! If you want to look at digital advertising, which is a way to get your local business advertising message on Google – again, local is the best way to go! Let POPS target local people looking for your local business – the most likely people to buy! With our experts on hand, we can guide you through the whole process – we can even make you a website if you need it!

Local Business Advertising Budgets

We know – you want to know how much local business advertising is going to cost. You might be shocked to hear that a full advert in a train station or a post office can advertise your services from just £25 a week! That’s the equivalent of a few coffees a week. In other areas, the costs can really spiral.

• A 30 second advert on itv in between a film at 9;30pm shown in London can cost £13,270 (Source itv.com)

• As a rule of thumb, radio advertising is charged at a rate of approximately £2 per thousand listeners at one time. To clarify, if a show has 100,000 listeners at 10am, then buying a 30-second spot at that time will cost you £200. (Source Workspace.com)

• A full page advert in Rugby World Monthly Magazine will cost £2,995 (IPC) As you can see, the costs are much better when you look at using a local agency to target your local business…To local people!

Speak to an expert at POPs today about what your plans are. It’s not too late into the year to book in your advertising spaces for the forthcoming months, and when you see the traffic, you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Posters now with Business Card Holders

As if the our striking poster designs weren’t enough to wedge you in the mind of the Post Office regular. We’ve now introduced integrated business card holders for our posters.

Integrated business card holders for poster advertising

So thanks to some clever engineering from the team here at POPS Advertising you now get an even bigger bang-for-your-buck when taking us up on our cheap, targeted advertising solutions.

Post Office poster advertising

Remember… Large national, regional or small and local companies can benefit from our advertising campaigns in Post Office locations throughout the UK so don’t delay, speak to us today.

 Free Design & Artwork
 Quick High Impact Results
 From as little as 80p a Day
 Easily Expand Campaigns to Supermarkets, Train Stations and Search Engines
 Optional Integrated Business Card Holder
 Discounts for More Locations

Advertising Examples – POPS’ Favourites

Did you know that a good piece of creative might be the single most important thing that affects the outcome of your campaign? This sounds a bit serious but at POPS we have years of experience in helping get businesses big and small seen with wide ranges of people. We wanted to share some advertising examples with you today.

Here’s who POPS have worked with…

Royal Navy
Territorial Army
Learn Direct
Department of Education and Learning
Gwent Education
Sure Start
Child Care Career
Bournemouth Social Services
Buckinghamshire County Council
Surrey County Council
Cornwall County Council

With clients like these we’re always seeing new exiting creatives. You may have seen that a recent study by the business comScore who analyzed the results of 396 online campaigns found that creative execution accounted for 52 percent of the results, while the media plan was responsible for 13 percent and other contributors accounted for 35 percent.

So this is less about where the ad is, precisely, and more about what the ad is saying.

There was also a mobile study by Dynamic Logic that  found that the best creative can boost brand favorability and intent to purchase, while bad creative has the opposite effect.”In this study, Dynamic Logic surveyed users who viewed mobile ads and compared their results to a control group of users who were not exposed to these ads. According to the analysis, the brand favorability of users who were exposed to an average creative execution was 3.9 percent higher than for users who were exposed to none. Brand favorability was 14.5 percent higher with the best creative executions. However, the worst creative execution actually reduced brand favorability by 4.9 percent. For intent to purchase, results were similar. The average creative execution boosted intent to purchase by 4.7 percent, the best creative boosted it by 16.3 percent, and worst creative decreased intent to purchase by 4 percent.”

This is a lot of data – but in short – spend some more time on the creative and you can reap the rewards. Here are a few great campaigns POPS has worked with recently! 


This NHS advert is eye catching and simple, whatever way you read the copy – from the tattoo to the body, and Carers Direct is clear and easy to read. When your message needs to be hard hitting, simple is best.


This advert for WeightWatchers has something rather eye catching about it…. Yup, it’s the steak. The spend has gone on the great photography and the content – the beautiful colours ( we can see at least 8 colours) make this a stunning advert.


This has a lot more content than you might think an advert would have, but when you know it’s for a role of a carer, you know that the right people need to have all the information before they call or get in touch. This content is more than just content – it could have a real impact in the community and we think the balance is just right between images and copy.

These are just a few examples of the work we can help with. Why not speak to us today? 

POPS provide coverage in local towns and cities and geographic areas. Many post offices we work with are located in well-known High Street stores such as Martins, RSMcColl, Spar, Co-op, One-Stop, Costcutters, ScotMid & Lloyds Pharmacy and we’d be happy to help get your advert up and running!

Get found on Google!

Just how do you get found on Google? 

Searches start on Google or Bing, which you will know from your own experiences, and the fact is that companies like you are investing time and resources into online methods of driving more customers to their websites or stores. In fact, by looking at the well known “State of Marketing” report from just 2014,  54 percent of marketers planned to boost their budgets to include paid search.

Google (which represents around a 71 percent global search engine market share) was, according to a survey run by Ad Age, “the best ad platform for ROI, and its video channel, YouTube, fell fourth only behind Facebook and Twitter.”

So whether you’re a small business looking to get found on Google, or a seasoned marketer – you need a digital agency who can help you.

Without the right agency, advertising on Google and getting clicks on Google can be expensive and hard to manage. Many people employ someone Full Time to manage paid search (sometimes known as PPC.)


We know you want to ensure we stay effective for you, both in cost and ROI. If you do decide to not use POPS, we’d still like you to take away these tips.

If you have a price – put it on your advert

From our experience, when it comes to cost, there is a simple rule. Displaying the price will reduce the number of clicks you pay for that don’t convert in sales, as the stark costs will simply get rid of the people who are comparing online, window shopping or tyre kicking! You might get less clicks, but the people who do visit your site will be much more likely to purchase.

Go careful with the copy!

Whilst we also offer advertising at train stations and in supermarkets, there is a difference between the advert copy you might use online and the copy you might use trying to get found on Google. When it comes to print you have around a second or two at the most to convince someone to take an action and convey your message.

This is quite different to Google text ads which work best when they are most specific.  You need to have lots of action words ‘buy’ ‘look’ ‘order now’. You might move away from ‘find out more’ or ‘see more’ because in such a competitive environment – urgency is everything! You only have 25 or 35 characters, so this is where the copywriter in you goes – and the SKU led product writer can take over. In short; specifics are crucial.

Swap ‘Thousands of Glasses” for “Diesel Glasses from £19.99”

As with the pricing tip. using more specific descriptors weeds out casual browsers and ultimately cuts down on wasted clicks.

By advertising to get seen on Google you are ensuring the search engines do the hard work for you – you get seen by customers at the very moment that they’re searching on Google for the things you offer. And only pay when they click to visit your website or call!

Speak to POPS today about getting started! 

Google Ads – What’s New?

We take a look at what’s new when it come to advertising on search engines – and the best part is – you can get started today! We take a look at what’s changed – and let you know why that matters.

  1. Google is starting to use its new ability to stream Android apps as an advertising tool. Now when you bump into an advertisement for an app, that ad may offer you the chance to stream the app, without installing it, for a minute-long demo. This means if you do have an app, it’s even easier to get people using it!
  2. On mobile, Google started showing three ads on some queries. Search for ‘Local Plumber’ and there could be three ads. The best news for advertisers is that these paid for ads will take up the entire mobile screen. A trick of the trade from POPS– if you can have more ad extensions show on an ad you have a better chance of taking more of that space! So by adding on more details – such as your phone number, reviews or a URL, those 3 paid ads can become two text ads – giving you a better chance of being seen!
  3. In early October, Google made a new tool called Customer Match to AdWords. Just like the ads on Facebook and Twitter, Customer Match lets advertisers upload their email lists for ad targeting. This could really change how you find the best people for your advertising campaign!
  4. You might not mind as at POPS we do all the hard work – but Google had out back when they made Callout Extensions, a nifty way to automatically pull information about the business and products from a website into text ads. This means that nothing gets missed when we make an advert on Google for your business – and that means a better chance of being seen!
  5. Customising is king and Google (and POPS!) wants you to get results. One great trick that Google have added is some really interesting message customization that can be based on a user’s location. So this means if you are a retailer you could ask POPS to promote deals in specific stores to users around those locations!

This is just the start of some of the great changes. If SEM or advertising digitally is all new to you – don’t worry! POPS wants to help you get the best results.

We offer an online advertising service that puts you on in front of millions of potential new customers searching for products or services that they require. That’s right… the products or services that your business offers are being looked for daily and if you have a website, we can get you a slice of the action!

If you are a few steps behind – don’t panic!  If you don’t have a website, we can help get one together for you from as little as £600+VAT!

Make 2016 the year you get fully digital and speak to us today! 

The Future For Advertising

It’s the start of a brand new year and if you’re considering running a poster advertising campaign in 2016, perhaps in a supermarket, train station or anywhere your customers are queuing – then you may be interested in what 2015 showed and what that means for 2016!

The great news is that In many ways 2015 was a landmark year for the advertising sector. The reasons? There was positivity about the economy and advertisers as diverse as E-commerce and government campaigns all took a stage in OOH (out of home) advertising. The case was similar with other big spenders as well when comparing their ad spends of Q1 versus Q3.

New stats published by people like the DMA have meant that people are more interested than ever in getting their advertising message out in a diverse, innovative way. The stats also showed that printed media works – bringing confidence with it!

Recent surveys also showed that 33% of consumers don’t trust in those brands that don’t offer printed communications. 

When it comes to response and lead, print advertisements also have the best figures. The average response rate for physical mail is 4.4% while the rate for email is just 0.12%.

Besides, 79% of consumers have a positive and immediate reaction on a brand’s direct mail – another printed media.

Digital might still be a primary medium for many brands, but there has been a surge in print advertising being added to the mix. 

And of course – it’s worth mentioning the growth spell for the outdoor advertising sector has been the September-December festive period and this received impetus from the e-commerce sector. The e-commerce sector has been one of the highest spending sectors for the outdoor industry throughout the year, and outdoor players we spoke to said the trend would continue for the next couple of years. Automobile and FMCG were other notable contributors to the OOH growth story in 2015 according to news from exchange4media.

So what are you waiting for? Get started with your print advertising plans in 2016 – it will be a decision that really works for you!

Contact us on 01628 477 887 or email info@pops-advertising.co.uk to discuss your print campaign!

Printed Advertising – Why Now?

As a businesses specialising in both digital and printed advertising options, we fall in a niche category. Whilst digital is fantastic – have a look at our Search Engine Advertising options – there is no evidence that whenever something new emerges in communications, that the previous technology becomes obsolete and that is what we feel about print advertising.

TV did not kill radio. Radio is doing just fine and gaining audiences. And we still watch TV in between YouTube and Spotify.

That is how we feel about print advertising – that it’s not out because digital is ‘in’! Print advertising remains a viable component of any media mix. Did you know Google spent over a million dollars in print advertising in 2012? A great statistic!

Print retains some undeniable advantages. Here are a few.

  1. Print advertising does things online adverting/content can’t because it is narrowly targetable and long-lived – people see print more often.
  2. It is a solid vehicle for establishing brand identity. People understand print – whatever age they are.
  3. Certain target audience don’t live online and print can be the only real way to reach these consumers.
  4. Print can also can communicate longer, more complex messages with more personality and resonance.
  5. With print advertising, businesses can choose exactly where they would like their ad placed. That means you can target the right people by targeting specific cities and lifestyle types.

 What do the stats say?

A study has shown that people read digital screen text 20% – 30% slower than printed paper, and read less of it (Alshaali & Varshney) and another study for the MPA measured the total increase in purchase consideration/intent for a variety of products and whereas television accounted for a 30% increase, printed advertising within magazines represented a 56% increase – a huge proportion!

The one issue we come across is the worry that it is hard to make print more accountable, or as accountable for ROI as digital. To enhance your print ROI analysis, give your print adverts a call to action that drives them to your website and keep this to a landing page, a specific URL or use a QR code.

You can also ask to speak to us about our real business case studies – we think you will be pleasantly surprised at what print advertising can do. As you can see, there are many reasons print is still a viable option as a part of your advertising campaign budget – from the memorability to the placement and the open ended options for the volume of copy.

At POPS we work with clients like ASDA to get your message out there.  We also see a lot of success with customer information boards at train stations and we can help in plenty of other areas. Why not get in touch with us today and speak to us about how we can launch your next advertising campaign, either locally or nationally?