Digital Screen Advertising – Reach More People!

Digital is growing, ask any marketer around. Not only in the form of email, SEO and PPC, but also in the area of digital signage and OOH (Out of home) marketing and advertising campaigns. OOH spend has seen a 9% rise between 2008 and 2014, and the UK spend in this area recently hit the £1 billion mark.  Even in the USA, Out of home advertising revenue rose 3.8% in the second quarter of the year compared to 2014, accounting for $2.25 billion – a sure sign that whatever side of the pond you’re on, OOH is big. 

At POPS we have years of experience creating and implementing digital signage in both in local towns and cities. We typically work with post offices to implement signage that gets people in a period of what we kindly call ‘queue boredom’.As many post offices we work with are located in well-known High Street stores such as Martins, RSMcColl, Spar, Co-op, One-Stop, Costcutters, ScotMid & Lloyds Pharmacy and more, we have always recommended this as a great way to link your brand with positive feelings such as convenience, trust, satisfaction, whilst the perception of your brand (however small) being displayed in the ‘home’ of a much larger brand name allows you to use their influence by appearing much more influential than your budget may allow you to be!

Digital screens now account for 25% of OOH revenue and stats have shown that a premium digital campaign alone can reach half of all upscale audiences.

Why does digital advertising work so well?


The audience are captive at the point of seeing your advert and are more likely to absorb the content.

Frequency / Recency

With more people visiting their local shops due to longer opening hours and increase offering (eg parcel pick up, delivery acceptance) you have a much greater reach than a single banner advert on the internet.


This is still a unique proposition and you can cut through a lot of the other media saturated areas by using this ‘untapped resource’.

Editorial Control

You have a lot of freedom to change your campaign with the season, ,local news and other important events. We hold no legislations in place to bind you for updating your adverts but we also make it easy for you to update your campaigns as needed.

Low cost marketing

We have a standard price of £395 plus VAT per Post Office site with multi-site reductions and we also offer a sliding scale of costs which can be negotiated depending on the number of sites & locations. This makes picking a marketing campaign very simple.

Our recommendations

Within a retail environment, you need to stand out. Digital signage campaigns need to be just as strong as any other marketing efforts to cut through the noise of the other branding messages. Think about who you want to target – Business people, the self-employed, local tradespeople, housewives, the retired and make a branding message that suits their needs.

You might still be unsure if digital signage is for you.  At POPs we always suggest marketers look at the bigger cost of advertising. Perhaps you are spending on brochures or paper based signage but you have yet to see a return. You may have seen the same misconceptions coming through – perhaps people are surprised that you work in a certain area, or are unsure of additional services you offer.

Because you can provide us with your artwork and designs, if you do not have anything we will create something for you to approve so we can make it really easy for you to come up with a campaign.

Ideas to consider:

  • ‘We’re not just….’ – Tackle brand misconceptions
  • Local events – Tailor your message to geographic regions
  • ‘Don’t just stand there!’ – A message that talks to the customer
  • ‘Are you next in line?’ – Another way to connect using humour

We have a standard price of £395 plus VAT per Post Office site with multi-site reductions. We also offer a sliding scale of costs which can be negotiated depending on the number of sites & locations you want to be seen in!  Why not discuss these with us today for the best possible results!