Get found on Google!

Just how do you get found on Google? 

Searches start on Google or Bing, which you will know from your own experiences, and the fact is that companies like you are investing time and resources into online methods of driving more customers to their websites or stores. In fact, by looking at the well known “State of Marketing” report from just 2014,  54 percent of marketers planned to boost their budgets to include paid search.

Google (which represents around a 71 percent global search engine market share) was, according to a survey run by Ad Age, “the best ad platform for ROI, and its video channel, YouTube, fell fourth only behind Facebook and Twitter.”

So whether you’re a small business looking to get found on Google, or a seasoned marketer – you need a digital agency who can help you.

Without the right agency, advertising on Google and getting clicks on Google can be expensive and hard to manage. Many people employ someone Full Time to manage paid search (sometimes known as PPC.)


We know you want to ensure we stay effective for you, both in cost and ROI. If you do decide to not use POPS, we’d still like you to take away these tips.

If you have a price – put it on your advert

From our experience, when it comes to cost, there is a simple rule. Displaying the price will reduce the number of clicks you pay for that don’t convert in sales, as the stark costs will simply get rid of the people who are comparing online, window shopping or tyre kicking! You might get less clicks, but the people who do visit your site will be much more likely to purchase.

Go careful with the copy!

Whilst we also offer advertising at train stations and in supermarkets, there is a difference between the advert copy you might use online and the copy you might use trying to get found on Google. When it comes to print you have around a second or two at the most to convince someone to take an action and convey your message.

This is quite different to Google text ads which work best when they are most specific.  You need to have lots of action words ‘buy’ ‘look’ ‘order now’. You might move away from ‘find out more’ or ‘see more’ because in such a competitive environment – urgency is everything! You only have 25 or 35 characters, so this is where the copywriter in you goes – and the SKU led product writer can take over. In short; specifics are crucial.

Swap ‘Thousands of Glasses” for “Diesel Glasses from £19.99”

As with the pricing tip. using more specific descriptors weeds out casual browsers and ultimately cuts down on wasted clicks.

By advertising to get seen on Google you are ensuring the search engines do the hard work for you – you get seen by customers at the very moment that they’re searching on Google for the things you offer. And only pay when they click to visit your website or call!

Speak to POPS today about getting started!