Google Ads – What’s New?

We take a look at what’s new when it come to advertising on search engines – and the best part is – you can get started today! We take a look at what’s changed – and let you know why that matters.

  1. Google is starting to use its new ability to stream Android apps as an advertising tool. Now when you bump into an advertisement for an app, that ad may offer you the chance to stream the app, without installing it, for a minute-long demo. This means if you do have an app, it’s even easier to get people using it!
  2. On mobile, Google started showing three ads on some queries. Search for ‘Local Plumber’ and there could be three ads. The best news for advertisers is that these paid for ads will take up the entire mobile screen. A trick of the trade from POPS– if you can have more ad extensions show on an ad you have a better chance of taking more of that space! So by adding on more details – such as your phone number, reviews or a URL, those 3 paid ads can become two text ads – giving you a better chance of being seen!
  3. In early October, Google made a new tool called Customer Match to AdWords. Just like the ads on Facebook and Twitter, Customer Match lets advertisers upload their email lists for ad targeting. This could really change how you find the best people for your advertising campaign!
  4. You might not mind as at POPS we do all the hard work – but Google had out back when they made Callout Extensions, a nifty way to automatically pull information about the business and products from a website into text ads. This means that nothing gets missed when we make an advert on Google for your business – and that means a better chance of being seen!
  5. Customising is king and Google (and POPS!) wants you to get results. One great trick that Google have added is some really interesting message customization that can be based on a user’s location. So this means if you are a retailer you could ask POPS to promote deals in specific stores to users around those locations!

This is just the start of some of the great changes. If SEM or advertising digitally is all new to you – don’t worry! POPS wants to help you get the best results.

We offer an online advertising service that puts you on in front of millions of potential new customers searching for products or services that they require. That’s right… the products or services that your business offers are being looked for daily and if you have a website, we can get you a slice of the action!

If you are a few steps behind – don’t panic!  If you don’t have a website, we can help get one together for you from as little as £600+VAT!

Make 2016 the year you get fully digital and speak to us today!