Online Advertising – Will it Work?

POPS (Premier Office Poster Services) is always looking for a way to help our customers increase their sales, branding and success, and our latest feature is our online advertising service.

Did you know that….

  • Bing has 149 million unique searchers each month performing 5.2 billion searches a month
  • 90% of internet use begins at Google!
  • Google made £50 billion in revenue at the end of 2012 – money earned from advertising
  • The top 5 results on Google get 75% of the clicks

If you want to be one of the brands that gets noticed and gets more revenue, then you need to consider online advertising. When millions of people make billions of searches, you need to be at the forefront of the results. We can help. We will help your create campaigns – adverts in a variety of sizes and shapes, and using our expertise we will place those adverts on the websites that are most relevant to what you are selling. This means the people who are most like your current customers see the ads – and your chance of sales increases!

One in five consumers exposed to a business’s display ads perform related searches and one in three visit their website.” Online Publishers Association- The Silent Click: Building Brands Online

Rather than going it alone, at POPS we help manage and track your budget and tweak your campaigns so they are always on track.

So how does it work?  We will create compelling, ‘clickable’ adverts that are used across Google and partner sites, so you can advertise – even when you’re asleep.

We could help by….

  • Showing your ads on websites that your customers visit and like
  • Showing your ads on mobile phones and devices – even if you don’t have a responsive site yet!
  • Showing your ads to people in selected locations or who speak a certain language – great if you have a nice area
  • Showing your ads to specific audiences who are looking for certain things online.
  • Showing text ads with compelling call to actions
  • Showing video adverts so you engage with your prospects and make a real impression
  • Showing adverts with compelling images

Are you ready?  We suggest that before you let POPS rapidly increase your traffic, have a think about who we can help you reach.  Do you have any surveys on your customers, or anecdotal evidence as to their habits and interests? Any information you do find will mean you can help us find them, and get you the very best ROI.

Why choose us? 

  • Highly Affordable – from only £1.75 a day
  • Fast Results – Top of Google or Bing in 3 working days!
  • Includes advert copy & basic design fees
  • Monthly Traffic Reports & Ongoing Support

Get in touch with us today to discuss your campaign – we look forward to working with you!