Why Is Paid Search Critical For Local Businesses?

If you’re a local business wanting to start with paid search, you might have a few doubts. Is paid search for you? Where do you even begin?

So let’s explore the basics.

Why choose paid search? Well, Google and Bing are the largest search engines on the Internet, and to use the Internet as a profit-making source, you need to be seen on Google.

What is paid search?

Also known as PPC or Pay Per Click, the act of paying for adverts on Google makes your job of marketing your local business a lot easier by bringing huge amounts of traffic through people who are searching using keywords. Keywords are simply the search terms or mix of search terms that when put in the search box show results relevant to that search. That means that someone searching for “Advertising Agency Berkshire” will get, say, 1000 search results in the search engine, and the person running the search can click on any of the items to view the results and details. However, the top search results that come through Google AdWords have greater chances of visits as they are higher up, and easier to click.

You also get the option of having your ads appearing in relevant Web sites – all with the aim of bringing on relevant clicks and visits to your local business website.

  1. Is Paid Search Expensive?

The best part of paid search is that comes with a small initial investment. You need to pay only a small amount to create an account using POPS, and we ensure that your business bids on the best keywords. With each click, a certain amount is billed and if no click happens, no amount is billed. You can speak to POPS about your budget and we do all the rest.

The systems we use are highly intuitive, so there is the option that if a keyword performs well, an increased bid can be made for even better results. And a keyword that does not perform well and does not bring any profit to the site can be removed from the campaign. Also, keywords that bring more clicks but less conversion can be removed or we can set a reduced amount.

There are some nifty tools we can use to get the best people to your site. For example, Google AdWords offers location targeting for display ads, which will enable those particular ads to display exclusively to a particular location. You can choose whether you want to reach browsers at local, national, or even an international level. You could add in copy that makes your ad stand out – such as ‘Looking for Advertising in Berkshire?’ Anyone who was would surely be struck by the personalisation!
The ability to focus on a targeted geographical audience with focused goals is something marketers dream of – and it’s so easy to get started.

  1. What does Paid Search give back?

Return on Investment (ROI) is based on clicks, people coming to your site. However, because they have searched for exactly what you offer, there is a much greater chance of them converting into business. With paid search ads, you control what the ‘bite’ is. That means just like with a print advert, you can say what your headline and call to action is. There are some rules about what you can do here – but POPS can guide you through.

This means that clicks are in your control! With a POPS expert behind you, we can ensure your campaign is tweaked and tested until you have the perfect copy and page to bring effective traffic to your online business.

One of the really smart parts is that with paid search, a POPS expert can test different types of ads for different keywords. If a certain ad campaign fails, we will start again but with a different title line and description. We can also feed this information back to you – so as well as getting great results from search, you can also test marketing campaigns before you run a print advert, over and over – without paying anything extra.

  1. When does it start working?

Unlike many marketing tactics which can take months, paid search can drive visits almost straight away! There are lots of other factors we can guide you through, such as on-page optimization, but at the heart of paid search is the fact that you are able to showcase relevant ads in relevant sites and also at the top of search pages, which increases the chances of clicks and visits, which later convert to business. It’s that simple!

Are you ready to get started with POPS advertising and some paid search? Speak to an expert at POPS today!